Top 10 stylish Best Watches Under 5000

Hello ladies and gentlemen. If you are looking for a good watch for yourself or your loved ones, then I will help you find the watch you like. I have made this task very easy for you with my efforts and experience. I will tell you which is the best watches under 5000 available.

In my opinion, a watch is not just an accessory. Instead, it brings your personality to the people. Watches are essential to complete your fashion, whether you are a student, businessman, office worker, or in any of the professions.

Top 10 best watches under 5000 for men

I have reviewed every watch for the best watches so that you can choose your favorite watch very quickly. I considered all the watches brand’s which are quite popular all over the world.

Fossil Chronograph White Dial Men’s Watch – CH2882

Fossil is a trendy brand in the watch industry. Fossil specializes in the design, quality. Talking about this model, it is a chronograph watch that is very much in trend these days

The band material of this watch is of leather, which is of excellent quality, and the case material is made of stainless steel. This watch has a chronograph design that looks very beautiful.

he water resistance depth of this watch is 100 meters. The maximum water resistance feature of this watch is 10.00 bars, and its weight is 180 grams, which is perfect for a metal watch.


Casio Enticer Chronograph Black Dial Men’s Watch

The Casio brand is known for its electronic musical instruments, calculators, and watches. The Casio enticer is an everyday casual looking watch that complements your casual look

If you talk about its design, then it gets a round shape design with mineral glass. Its band is made of leather, which is fine leather.

This analog watch offers three hands minutes, hours, seconds with three dials, which shows the date, day, and 24-hour format

The battery life of this watch is about three years, which you can change later. Its case size dimension is 47 × 43.5 × 10.4 mm, it has 50 m water resistant capacity.

This watch is perfect for a casual look. The design and look of this watch are eye-catching. Because of black dial and three sub-dial its give you overall an ideal style. You can wear this watch with any casual dress.

Titan Classique Retrogrades Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch

Who does not know the watchmaker Titan? This company is quite famous for its watch in India. Titan is a big Indian brand.

The Titan NL1768SL03 Watch comes with a blue dial, which is quite beautiful to look at, it is a semi-casual men’s watch.

It comes with a unique retrograde display with days in a semi-arc design. The water resistance capacity of this watch is 50 meters.

Its strap is made of soft calf leather which gives a perfect look and also fits well on the wrist.

you can wear it on casual occasions and in the office too. This watch is much better for students and office workers.

Casio Enticer Black Dial Men’s Watch

Casio is a Japanese brand, it also made a calculator, musical instruments, and other electronic gadgets.

Let’s talk about this watch, It comes with a stainless steel silver color strap with a 35 mm case diameter, which gives a very decent look,

This watch has a date, day, and 24-hour format indicator with hour, minute, and seconds to make it looks beautiful.

Due to the stainless steel strap and ion-plated bezel the weight of this watch is 124 grams, which is slightly heavier. This watch is suitable for casual styling.

Fastrack Big Time Analog White Dial Men’s Watch

When it comes to the best watches and Fastrack name does not enter, how is it possible?

Fastrack is Titan’s sub-brand company. By the way, Fastrack makes a variety of items such as backpacks, eye wear and perfumes.The product of this company is popular among young people.

Now, let’s talk about the Fastrack “Big Time Analog White Dial Men’s Watch”, this watch gives a very stylish and eye-catching look.

This watch comes with a white dial display, has three sub-dials which are the hour, minute and second. It also has a ring leg black and white indicator which looks very good.

The strap is leather which looks unique with the dial. Its case material is made of stainless steel whose diameter is 45 mm.

If you are looking for a watch which is perfect for party & dating, then this watch is for you.

Whether it’s a plan to hang out with friends, a family tour or dating with a girlfriend, this watch is perfect. Overall, this watch is suitable for youngsters.

Fossil Analog Silver Dial Men’s Watch

Fossil Group inc. based in Texas. Their brands include Fossil, Relic, BMW, Michele Watch, Skagen Denmark, Misfit, WSI, and Zodiac Watches, and many other licensed brands

Let’s talk about this watch. This watch has a silver color metal case. Which gives a fairly decent look, the case of this watch is of 42 mm.

It has a leather strap which has good finishing. The water-resistance of this watch is 50 m. This watch is perfect for a semi-formal look.

If you are looking for a watch that you can wear with both casual wear and office wear, then this watch meets these criteria.

Skagen Ancher Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch

Skagen Designs Ltd. Fossil’s subsidiary company. It is a US based company.

Now let’s talk about this watch, this watch is round-shaped with a black dial. Due to the rounded shape black dial, it gives a classic look.

Its case is stainless steel, and its strap is made of leather, the case diameter is 40 mm.

Let’s talk about when it would be best to wear it.

This watch gives a very classic look, and if you like traditional things, then you will like it a lot. I personally like this watch in the list of best watches under 5000 for my office look.

You can wear this watch with formal wear clothes which will give a perfect look. In today’s era, classic style is in trend; whether it is about dress or accessories, it is always unique.

Tommy Hilfiger Analog Grey Dial Men’s Watch

Tommy Hilfiger inc. An American company is known for its premium products such as apparel, footwear, accessories, fragrances, and home furnishing. The Phillips-Van Heusen company acquired it in March 2010.

Now let’s talk about this watch, it gets a grey colour dial in round shape, which is quite good. Its glass is of material mineral glass and is of strap black colour leather.

The case material is of stainless steel with a diameter of 44 mm; it has three sub-dials which show day, month and 24-hour formats.

Its water resistance capacity is 50 m. Now, let’s talk about who is the best suit for this purpose.

The look of this watch is formal, and it can be worn anytime you can wear it at parties, dating, family functions.

Daniel Klein Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch

Daniel Klein is a South Africa based company that sells watches in 50 countries. Daniel Klein Company makes sunglasses and watches. The style is focused to suit the youngster.

Now talk about this watch, this watch has mineral glass with round shape black dial.

It has a black colour stainless steel band with a unique pattern, which makes it very beautiful. Its case material is also stainless steel, which is 42 mm in diameter.

Its water resistance capacity is 30 m, which is less than the other best watches under 5000 mentioned here.

Most other watches have a water resistance minimum of 50 m. Now let’s talk about when it can be worn.

 Its look pattern is casual style so you can wear it anytime like parties and other occasions.

You can wear it with any formal wear clothing as the colour of the dial and band is black, so it matches easily with any clothes, and you will get a perfect look.

Fastrack Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch

Fastrack is an Indian brand, previously the company was Titan’s sub-brand, but since 2005 it is an independent brand.

Fastrack manufactures eyeglasses and watches as well as accessories such as wallets, bags, belts.

Now let’s talk about this watch, it gets the round case and black dial. The width of the case is 48.25 mm, and the length is 52.5 mm.

It has a silver steel stainless steel band which is quite weak. Mineral glass is used in dial glass.Talking about water resistance, it has 50 m depth. Now let’s talk about when it can be worn.

This watch is a casual style watch that is very stylish, and you can wear it anytime, like at parties and other functions or anywhere.

I recommend this watch for college students or youngsters in the list of best watches under 5000. Wear it by matching casual wear clothes such as blue jeans, a white shirt, and it will give you a stylish look.


Here you read about Top 10 best watches under 5000. I explain the details about all these best watches under 5000. Now your turn, you can choose your best watches according to your choice and need.

If I have missed a watch, which should be on the list, please drop a comment I will try to add your suggestion in my list.

Thank you for reading the post

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